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Soon - Awesome Face Game; new and improved

2009-09-16 10:27:46 by FunkyRaspberry

So.. I've made the crappiest game ever and I can't even remember the title of it, something about Awesome Face :3 However.. this is excusable since I've never really done anything in flash before, i'm 15 and my game developer education has just begun.

And now, for something completely different;
A new and improved version of my previous game will soon be uploaded. The new version will feature a start menu and a death screen, which kinda explains that I've also added health to the Awesome Face. You can look forward to playing ONE WHOLE NEW LEVEL featuring a nice wallpaper i found on google..
I dunno if I'll add a preloader or not.. I'll consider it. And who knows, maybe there'll be an easter egg 8)


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2009-09-18 07:54:37

Ive played your new game. In my platformer game ive got health too but when it gets to zero nothing happens even if I add the proper code... Can you tell me your code?

FunkyRaspberry responds:

sorry, just got started with mine, haven't even added health yet actually


2010-08-26 11:03:26

To be honest with you, your games suck :/